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I've been thinking about air a lot, breathing deeply, feeling and appreciating the life it gives me. I've been thinking about breath. About a child's first breath, how that gives life to the voice. I've been thinking about oxygen, how it brings red to the blood, pink to the skin, clarity to the thoughts. I am deeply appreciative of my life, I am deeply appreciative of the clean air that I breathe, I bask in the radiance of living.

what if feels like

what it feels, looks and smells like is light...and quiet. it feels like a smile. the morning is silent until it is punctuated with the silliness and laughter of children. the air smells like roses, and evergreen trees, and moss. our homes are so designed with windows allowing an intimate contact with our surroundings and so even inside, a canopy of trees and skies and clouds give an unending roof to our lives.

the remnants of the roads are still now except for the silent commuters in vehicles which are self propelled or human propelled with no byproduct. there is little activity at this time of day, but this will change and the community will become like a beehive of sweet happy business and interaction.

now the soft music i have chosen for this morn plays gently throughout my home emminating from a miniscule, almost invisible card. these sounds heightened my groggy awareness and uplift my heart and energy to reach a point of joy.

there is plenty of food to eat and the children presently enjoy compiling fresh berries grown locally with other delicious wholesome ingredients. they cooperate, and enjoy this while i get a chance to write...and dress myself in comfortable natural fibers which originate from completely sustainable sources. most of the clothing which ever existed has been in circulation for years and now, is coming to it's end. the production of clothing was temporarily halted and the re-using of existing items became law. thank goodness that period is over because now we can experience the lovely lightness of the new, of the soft and luxurious garments crafted with love and the ultimate premise "an ye harm none". so soft and warm, this garment, caressing my skin.

the herbal tea in my pot is robust and packed with nutrients...and it's calling.

fare well, for now.
till next time.

in "my" world

in my world, to begin with, racism is a non-issue at best. gender discrimination and sexual orientation also has no bearing and no relevance to social order whatsoever. hasn't been, in so long the memory is only vague. all tribal and territorial and religious wars have been outlawed, out of fashion, and had become an absolutely socially unacceptable concept. it has been this way for so long that the memories of this horrible human phase of growth no longer touches families with trauma. actually, post traumatic stress disorder is one of those many mental illnesses which have had an expedient drug free cure also since before we really can remember. in a later post, i will get into more detail about the healers and about empowerment of all individuals to overcome physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease. with this being the case, the energy and time spent on deepening and enriching relationships has rendered the average individual with his support systems intact, more magickal ability than any of the harry potter or lord of the rings characters. these great abilities are ritually and habitually used to keep the joy growing and to keep the global communications flowing to keep the delicate balance of life healthy and interdependent in an abundant and peaceful way. the ones who specialize in communication with the animals on earth, in the sea and in the skies are the ones who have the ultimate responsibility and honor of most greatly facilitating environmental global thriving. the ones who discuss and decide and mediate human rights issues used to be the biggest most important global association. now they are becoming redundant because the level of societal growth and peace has accelerated much more quickly than ever thought possible. i would think that some of them should apprentice with the animal communicators..just a personal view. for they will become bored with the lack of work and everyone knows that productivity enhances joy and quality of life for all.

it just is so wierd how fast time goes by, how progression speeds up as every year passes, and how lucky our kids are to have the most pressing issues of our youth be as distant as brothers grimm fairy tales were to us as children.


i am beedjay.

i have been thinking about this project a lot, even before the community was created. what i want to post is a lot more basic and real and not so flowery and beautiful. maybe it's because i am always on a personal quest to find the sacred in the mundane. my whole life is actually a similiar excercise to this group. it affects the way i communicate and the way people understand me and i wonder if i am even on the same planet as them. but it has always been my goal to live, think, see and speak what i believe. of course there are parts of my life that i would like to be different and i would change them in my visualization of a perfect "heaven on earth" but for the most part they are real. i love my life, really...and this is, for me going to be an excersise in visualising my life if i could instantly have changed all the parts which are not totally my ideal. i will start there, and then i move on to social structure.

what is in our hearts and minds create our immediate family and friend circle. then comes our responsibility to our communities and our countries and our planet in succession and in conjunction. so in my perfect world everything i do is literally rippled out to these extents. my intention is to also journal my imagined social structure for the good of, and the co-habitation of my fellow canadians and also my brothers and sisters all over the planet.

i thank you for starting this group, for accepting my membership and for encouraging me to direct my thoughts this way. i hope that altho my posts will be "different", they will be inspiring too.

Jan. 18th, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful diversity of lifeforms! Animals, plants, fishes, insects of all kinds.. beautiful creations of Mother Earth. How wonderful it is to know that there is no extinction or selfishness anymore. There is a plenty of room for all of us. Clean, fresh waters, living, green forests full of life, new species finding their place in the web of life.  The diversity of lifeforms, landscapes, climates and natural areas is amazing and supports the ecosystem like a Mother takes care of her child.

Winter vision

It is winter and I am standing in the snow.  It is bright, clean and sparkling, swilring all around me.  The earth breathes under my feet and there is a profound sense of peace and clarity.  The North is strong, beautiful and healing.  Cold air stirs the snowflakes into tiny crystals of light that dance before my eyes.  Bluejays call and play overhead, and a rabbit takes shelter under a large pine bough.  Life abounds, and the seasons are balanced.  The sound of creaking ice from a nearby lake catches my attention, and I laugh and toss up handfulls of snow in celebration.  Myself and this piece of the planet are at peace together.  The animals and plants that surround me acknowledge each other in a silent communion of spirit.  We are all One, healthy and whole.  Below my feet, the seeds of a new Spring are preparing themselves to emerge in a celebration of color and nourishment - but for now, we rest, and sleep and enjoy the hibernation time.  I return indoors to a warm hearth and a cup of hot tea.  Life is excellent.

the atmosphere

I've noticed that it's a lot easier for me to write 68 seconds for my own personal desires than it is to write for the Earth, I guess because I'm so much more focused and connected to my own desires. I'm wondering, then, if it might be helpful for to focus on my own relationship with the Earth, or maybe on a specific aspect of the Earth. I think this week I'm going to focus on the atmosphere, and how clean it is.

You know those winter blue sky days? After a really big snowstorm, when the sky is so blue and crystalline that it takes your breath away? That's what the sky is like now, all the time. It is quite simply radiant. I feel the thrill of breathing this exquisite air, this Life. The trees are breathing it, too, and we can feel their vitality, how they are nourished by this Radiant Air. We have found means of transportation that are harmonious with our Radiant Atmosphere. Every day I take time to breathe deeply this Radiance, and my entire body is nourished and brilliant from breathing in Pure Life, Pure Air.

Jan. 18th, 2009

Welcome, beedjay , and thanks for joining!

Jan. 17th, 2009

There's always the beautiful sense of connection. Between people, animals, plants, trees, the elements and the planet itself. Everyone is a piece of a wonderful living organism experiencing abundance and a sense of belonging. We are rooted and free at the same time. Everyone is in its natural place. All the abundance is shared and there is a plenty of it for everyone. Love is making the hearts light and full of joy.
The air is purer and clearer than we could ever imagine, you can feel it giving you life. Those who have passed over are as close to us as those living and are all around us as light, their natural form. Love isn't something that takes anyone by surprise because it is always there as a tangible thing,  with no conditions or nasty shocks or disappointments. We just feel it all the more with those we're connected to. It is warm and balmy with a gentle breeze and the sky is so many colours, not only blue but every shade, constantly changing and shifting. The world looks like a classic painting that you can't stop staring at.