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Hello~ just wanted to welcome violet_nights  to 68seconds!

I am breathing the arctic air that has swung down south to me. It is cold and fresh. I give thanks for the cold of the North, for the ice of the North. It grows thick. It is the realm of the Ice Queen. Her hands of ice keep this Earth in balance and I kiss them with reverence and respect.
Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And the Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand.  --Abraham-Hicks

The Desire:  The Earth Renewed, flourishing with Life

I sat beside the rushing stream and
sparkled with the beauty of the world.
The White One came sat beside me
and placed his hand on my back
between my shoulder blades,
that place that always aches.
And I saw the world through his eyes.
Everything rose up singing.
Everything had a voice,
and every voice was beauty.
I know that I am blessed
if only because I kept the door open
and let the breezes blow into my house.
And it should be said that
it wasn’t like I was chosen.
I invited him,
and he was there.
This isn’t literature.
This isn’t a psalm
This is my story
and I want to tell it.

If everything is a vibration, and my reality is based on my vibration, then I am resonating with the wildest dream of the Earth.  I can feel the abundant life of this Earth, I can feel the wild and mysterious consciousness that resides in the wind, the trees, the mountain streams.  It is such a delight to be here, alive, and experience our beautiful thriving Earth.  In my imagination I allow the healing of the Earth.  I am a fertile ground for the expansion of Her renewal.  I see Her restored to her Full Beauty.  Everything has a voice, and everything is singing.  

p.s.  I don't know if that was 68 seconds, either, I just write, and it's usually more than that anyway. :)
This morning as I drove to work I saw the most amazing sunrise.

What was so amazing about it was more than the dark of the mountain butte in the distance or the black silhouette of trees on its profile. It wasn't even the pink/red/orange of the clouds against the blue of the sky that varied from pale blue at the horizon to DARK blue in the sky above...

What was so amazing is that I remembered to remember how amazing a sunrise is.
And another welcome, to badgerbear ...Thanks for joining in! 

Jan. 14th, 2009

Welcome onehorsefarms ! So glad you decided to join!

Jan. 14th, 2009

My dear friend and I were talking yesterday about the Earth, and how we envision it. She said something about seeing the atmosphere becoming so polluted that it couldn't support human life anymore. I know it's hard for me, sometimes, to justify why human life should continue, considering what we've done, but I also believe that our intention was never to be so destructive. It's like our awareness is slower than our technological prowess.

I've been writing 68 second entries in my paper journal a lot lately. I'm feeling called to start this up again. So:

The atmosphere is clean, and endowed with Spirit. We breathe deeply its nourishment. The cloud people bring cleansing and rejuvenating rains. The Earth is replenished, her vibration is raised, and all the muck returns to the void, to be reborn. Everywhere I go, I see her Sacred Body. Everywhere I go, I breathe the Sacred Air. We are manifesting a New World. We are manifesting our greatest Joy.
I know when I breathe I am breathing Light.  Everything is breathing Light, and I am not only aware of it, I can feel it in my body, and It Is Delicious.  Even the soil is breathing Light!  And everything--all the plants, the trees, the birds, the clouds, the rivers, the mountains, the animals--are healthy and radiant and in balance.  The great body of the Earth is replete with wonder!  What we thought we had lost has risen up from her womb!  The trees of the forest are restored, and they shimmer with green and water and Light.  Not only that, but they have grown HUGE!  Walking through the forest the trees sway and dance in the breeze and I am aware of their songs, and learn them.  The water that gushes from the Spring is also singing, and it is holy and pure and divinity itself.  The oceans are clean and deep and the ocean's creatures dwell there in multitudes.  The fish of the rivers glisten in the water-light.  The birds soar through the clean air.  THe people have learned the essence of their true selves, and in doing so they live in complete harmony with the Earth, for they are the Earth, and are not separate from her beauty and wisdom anymore.