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what if feels like

what it feels, looks and smells like is light...and quiet. it feels like a smile. the morning is silent until it is punctuated with the silliness and laughter of children. the air smells like roses, and evergreen trees, and moss. our homes are so designed with windows allowing an intimate contact with our surroundings and so even inside, a canopy of trees and skies and clouds give an unending roof to our lives.

the remnants of the roads are still now except for the silent commuters in vehicles which are self propelled or human propelled with no byproduct. there is little activity at this time of day, but this will change and the community will become like a beehive of sweet happy business and interaction.

now the soft music i have chosen for this morn plays gently throughout my home emminating from a miniscule, almost invisible card. these sounds heightened my groggy awareness and uplift my heart and energy to reach a point of joy.

there is plenty of food to eat and the children presently enjoy compiling fresh berries grown locally with other delicious wholesome ingredients. they cooperate, and enjoy this while i get a chance to write...and dress myself in comfortable natural fibers which originate from completely sustainable sources. most of the clothing which ever existed has been in circulation for years and now, is coming to it's end. the production of clothing was temporarily halted and the re-using of existing items became law. thank goodness that period is over because now we can experience the lovely lightness of the new, of the soft and luxurious garments crafted with love and the ultimate premise "an ye harm none". so soft and warm, this garment, caressing my skin.

the herbal tea in my pot is robust and packed with nutrients...and it's calling.

fare well, for now.
till next time.


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