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in "my" world

in my world, to begin with, racism is a non-issue at best. gender discrimination and sexual orientation also has no bearing and no relevance to social order whatsoever. hasn't been, in so long the memory is only vague. all tribal and territorial and religious wars have been outlawed, out of fashion, and had become an absolutely socially unacceptable concept. it has been this way for so long that the memories of this horrible human phase of growth no longer touches families with trauma. actually, post traumatic stress disorder is one of those many mental illnesses which have had an expedient drug free cure also since before we really can remember. in a later post, i will get into more detail about the healers and about empowerment of all individuals to overcome physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease. with this being the case, the energy and time spent on deepening and enriching relationships has rendered the average individual with his support systems intact, more magickal ability than any of the harry potter or lord of the rings characters. these great abilities are ritually and habitually used to keep the joy growing and to keep the global communications flowing to keep the delicate balance of life healthy and interdependent in an abundant and peaceful way. the ones who specialize in communication with the animals on earth, in the sea and in the skies are the ones who have the ultimate responsibility and honor of most greatly facilitating environmental global thriving. the ones who discuss and decide and mediate human rights issues used to be the biggest most important global association. now they are becoming redundant because the level of societal growth and peace has accelerated much more quickly than ever thought possible. i would think that some of them should apprentice with the animal communicators..just a personal view. for they will become bored with the lack of work and everyone knows that productivity enhances joy and quality of life for all.

it just is so wierd how fast time goes by, how progression speeds up as every year passes, and how lucky our kids are to have the most pressing issues of our youth be as distant as brothers grimm fairy tales were to us as children.


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Jan. 20th, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
How rich and detailed your imagination is! Are you a writer?
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