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i am beedjay.

i have been thinking about this project a lot, even before the community was created. what i want to post is a lot more basic and real and not so flowery and beautiful. maybe it's because i am always on a personal quest to find the sacred in the mundane. my whole life is actually a similiar excercise to this group. it affects the way i communicate and the way people understand me and i wonder if i am even on the same planet as them. but it has always been my goal to live, think, see and speak what i believe. of course there are parts of my life that i would like to be different and i would change them in my visualization of a perfect "heaven on earth" but for the most part they are real. i love my life, really...and this is, for me going to be an excersise in visualising my life if i could instantly have changed all the parts which are not totally my ideal. i will start there, and then i move on to social structure.

what is in our hearts and minds create our immediate family and friend circle. then comes our responsibility to our communities and our countries and our planet in succession and in conjunction. so in my perfect world everything i do is literally rippled out to these extents. my intention is to also journal my imagined social structure for the good of, and the co-habitation of my fellow canadians and also my brothers and sisters all over the planet.

i thank you for starting this group, for accepting my membership and for encouraging me to direct my thoughts this way. i hope that altho my posts will be "different", they will be inspiring too.


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Jan. 20th, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks for being here! I'm really so inspired by everyone's contributions, and it's really had a ripple effect in my own life and musings. How cool is that?
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